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G’day I’m Murry. I’m 47 ish have been livin’ life and lovin’ it. The ups n downs and round and rounds keep life as interesting as watching a leaf swirl around a whirlpool. Watching and waiting for the inevitable. I’m a little bit of a muso now and here’s my shortened version of how I got here. Its a timeline from now to way back when. I call it ‘and before that’ Enjoy. :D

I’ve only been doing this music thing for just over three years now and before that I was an electrical contractor servicing remote northern Australian’s and a lot of travellers broken down with electrical issues. Before that I was working exploration doing geophysics down hole surveys in the field, before that I was engaged in studying Physics, Geology and Archaeology at the University of W.A or U.W.A, before that I was travelling the world with a back pack full of pain killers and medicine seeing the world before I checked out and before that I was working my way up the unskilled labour ladder in underground mines where I did my back in (my unskilled money maker) and before that I was working farms and shearing teams and even country tavern kitchens and to go back even further I was a pimple headed kid out of home at 14-15 without a clue and kicking my can down city streets. What does all that mean?. I’m not exactly sure but perhaps it means I’m not your average career Muso. I taught myself piano and stumbled into singing and with the help and encouragement of friends here I am a piano man. Writing songs, singing songs and helping folks feel good about something through my songs. :D

I don’t know where the music will lead me but like the leaf in the whirlpool, All I can do is just keep swirling around doing my thing and being sucked in by the forces in this vortex of time until I take that final plunge down the gurgler tube but before that... :D

Have a Happy Doobie Day.. :D Check out my website, have a listen to my tunes, buy an album or ten, leave a tip, leave a nice message, help me if you can. My life hasn’t been easy but it’s been great. I’ve come to love this world and everything and everyone in it the good the bad and the ugly which means it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what you do or how you live your life. If you have two legs or four or even a fishy fishes tail perhaps a few leaves and a trunk. I love you. You all fill my life with colour.

Yes little rocks I even love you too.. :D LOL.. I hope you enjoyed this little story. :D     




 This is me in a nutshell.

I’m not funded by government hand outs , grants, second jobs or mum n dad type funds, ever since I was a young, out of home teen, I’ve been doing what I can to get by.  I was born in 1971 so I’m no spring chicken anymore.  I was a young unskilled labouring work horse working, construction, farms, mines and country pub kitchens but at 22 I broke my money maker.  My back was cactus and it came with all the pain and suffering you could imagine and some of you may even know that pain.  Over the years It would partially recover and relapse so all I could do was work what ever jobs I could when times were good and well, do what ever I could to distract myself from myself and all the pain as best I knew how.  I taught myself piano to distract myself, worked lots of different jobs and well a few years ago that distraction hobby has become something more. Something much more.

Of the many things I’ve done, I’ve also been incorporated in several businesses. With an avid interest in the small business models around Australia I set myself the challenge of ignoring common myths and setting out to build a business of music.. Starting with a small product… Myself.. :) . One step at a time. Some folks around Darwin say that I’ve “made it”. It feels nice to get compliments like that but “made it” I don’t know what that means. I’ve just got my head down trying to figure all this stuff out as I go. Winging it, hitting and hoping, facing more challenges every day either technical, administrative or even my inner resolve on if what I’m doing is in the right direction. “Made it”?.

I think I haven’t even scratched the surface because there is a mountain things still left to do before I can see myself taking even half a step back and looking at how far I’ve come in such a short time. Although just the other day something happened and I did take a quick glimpse at where I am, where I was three years ago and the things I’ve accomplished up to now. At the very top of this Bio is picture of me sitting at a grand piano in Ellingtons. A Jazz Club of Perth, renowned for its quality performances. I got prompted to go up and Jam.. Me a self taught bushwackin’ back yardy almost 4 years ago and not long before the decision to give this music thing a real attempt.

There I was sitting at the biggest grandest piano I’d ever seen. Diamonds, pearls summer dresses and glasses of bubbly on appropriately Ellington tables.. The evening so far had been Jazz, JAzz Jazz, singers, and crooners and instrumental saucery of the Jazz scales. Tipetty Tappity fingers tapping cool and collective on Jazzy tables to Jazzy people..

Up bumbles a nervouse back yarder from an isolated outback place where those pinkest of Argyle diamond shone in the audience but were once rough clump of carbon rock. I sat, in awe.. My heart pounding. This big beautiful piano in-front of me.. Some jazz cats on bass and skippety drums with brushes a snare and shiny shiny yellow hi hat.. Very cool cats.. I had Boab Trees patterned on my shirt.. My hands shook as I touched the keys.. They were heavy and hard to press.. Big Hammers.. I was afraid at first, in fear of the elite groovers judging. Fear from my anticipation of fumbling and failing, I almost said no, almost but these were big hammers, heavy hammers, I was hard working labourer and I knew how to handle a hammer so I hammered it……

Driving a fresh, hard beat into the souls of the finger tappers.. They got up and started dancing and jumping, laughing and howling and tables knocked bubbles spilled and my heart raced even more… A makeshift microphone crackled as I belted out one of Ray Charles’s bigger hits.. Hit the Road Jack. Buy the time I sang my last extended bent buckled and almost broken closing lyric “No mor——e”, the room was three degrees warmer, people panting, clapping, applauding alive and cheering. The technical jazzy cats, knew I was messy and untimely, but the audience, well the audience roared for more. I had no more, I was an infant and it was the only tune I could do without my notes. My heart still raced from all them beats. and the room went back to that cool jazzy Tipetty tappity of happy fingers tapping on tables, shiny diamonds all that way from home. :D

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2019 May 3rd, nearing the end of the radio tour I wrote this my new Bio. :D

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