Murry Rhodes

Piano man , Singer/Songwriter

Out of the Shadows 1 FRONT.jpg

Out of the Shadows

by Murry Rhodes

Think of a place you’d rather be. Murry might just take you there with his smooth crooning smokey blues.

Track 1 - A bottle of red is right in front of you and it could be red cordial or the other red, nonetheless. With friends making memories or alone remembering memories. A bottle of red, a little plate cheeses. The music will take you there..

Track - 2 Happy Doobie Day - Its a birthday song, and anniversary song, an any-celebration-day song. A happy cheerful and yet meaning full way of saying you’re special on your special day which happens to be any day.. Not to be confused with the Oo-bie doobie , the Scooby Dooby or the other kinda doobie. The Doobie in Happy Doobie day just means you. So It’s actually Happy You Day . :)

Track - 3 Old bourbon town has a nice old smokey blues standard and takes us to where bourbon can. To Old Bourbon Town.

BONUS TRACK 4 - from the SOS 1 Album and also this version from the Rhodes of wind EP. Whispers in the Wind was the second song I ever wrote. After the ‘Lifetime (BlackDog)’ song.. It puts you on a beach listening to the wind, water and waves and contemplating change. A nice Jazzy soul feel.

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