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Out of the Shadows

by Murry Rhodes

Think of a place you’d rather be. Murry might just take you there with his smooth crooning smokey blues.

Track 1 - A bottle of red is right in front of you let the music take you there..

Track - 2 The Fire Dance - Letting the gentle flickering flames of a nice warm camp fire take you to another place.

Track 3 - NOT on the “Out of the Shadows” Album. - You’re on an isolated outback beach watching tides roll in as the sun sets with warm winds of change floating around your mind. “Whispers in the Wind”

Track 4 - Happy Doobie Day - A birthday, anniversary, Christmas day kind of song. Great for any day really. Just a Happy Song with a nice message for you on any given day.

Track 5 - A million Miles an hour, THIS is NOT on the “Out of the Shadows” Album but as promised here’s an earlier work you can listen to on here. Its a fun train ride boogie about us on a train being the earth and speeding through space and time. We’re not really sure where it’s all going but we around in circles pretty well. :D So while we’re here we might as well look after our only home planet for now.